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Growth channel

The core operating team comes from the top 2 companies in China's metal injection molding (MIM) & hinge/hinge (Hinge) industry. It has senior R&D and design capabilities in the industry and has rich practical experience in difficult and large-scale projects in the MIM&Hinge industry. JIT focuses on the MIM&Hinge industry, and is committed to using metal powder injection molding (MIM) technology to produce small, three-dimensional complex high-performance structural parts, providing large quantities of cost-effective MIM parts and Hinge components, and providing customers with early ESI project analysis, Technical support and manufacturing services for the whole process from trial production to mass production.

Talents are the company's capital and core resources; only the development of talents can promote the development of the company;

On the premise of agreeing with the company's mission and strategy, we provide sufficient development channels for all kinds of talents to realize the coordinated development of individuals and the company.