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Metal Injection Molding (Metal Injection Molding, referred to as "MIM") is a new near-net-shape processing technology for metal parts formed by introducing modern plastic injection molding technology into the field of powder metallurgy. A high-tech that is developing rapidly.


1. The geometric shape of the parts has a high degree of freedom, and it can produce metal parts with complex shapes at one time, just like plastic products.
2. MIM products have uniform density and good finish, the surface roughness can reach Ra 0.80~1.5um, and the weight range is 0.1~200g. High dimensional accuracy (±0.1%~±0.3%), generally no need for subsequent processing. 3. A wide range of applicable materials, wide application fields, high raw material utilization, high production automation, simple procedures, and continuous mass production can be realized.
4. The product quality is stable and the performance is reliable. The relative density of the product can reach 95%~99%. It can be carburized, quenched, tempered and other heat treatments. The product has high mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, elongation, good wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and uniform structure.


MIM technology breaks through the shape limitation of the traditional powder metallurgy process, and has the characteristics of a large number of stars and high-efficiency forming parts with complex shapes. It is a near-net forming technology for small, precise, and three-dimensional complex parts with a wide range of products. Used in consumer electronics, medical equipment, automobiles, tool locks, communications and other industry components.